Fatto a Mano

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Project Description

Job: Fatto a Mano

Location: Church Street Hove

Value: £350K

Designer: Alice and Nina + In house design team

Duration: 9 weeks

Project Details

The refurbishment and development of an established restaurant in the centre of Hove which had remained virtually unchanged for fifty years. The work involved significant amounts of work to restore the fabric of the building to a reasonable condition, including complete rewiring and re-plumbing. Over fifty tons of plaster and rubble were removed from site. A new wood fired pizza oven was installed and the layout of the shopfront and the interior of the restaurant were altered to accommodate this. The finishes and furniture remind customers of a local pizzeria in Naples. The work was completed to an extraordinarily tight budget and programme given the scale of the works undertaken and the pizzeria has been trading very successfully since the day its doors opened